Would your child benefit from speech or feeding therapy?

Does your child have difficulty with:

  • using words to communicate 

  • demonstrating age appropriate language                     

  • speaking clearly or producing specific sounds                   

  • understanding or using language to express thoughts/ideas

  • engaging in conversation and using appropriate social skills  

  • demonstrating age appropriate language                     


I provide individualized treatments and evaluations for:

  • Speech Intelligibility/Articulation

  • Receptive and Expressive Language

  • Feeding

  • Augmentative Communication

  • Fluency

  • Voice

We are the only PROMPT Certified Clinic in NJ run by an instructor!

What is PROMPT Therapy?

PROMPT therapy uses tactile-kinesthetic input (touch and movement cues) to guide the individual's movements for production of speech sounds. The targets are based on a motor speech hierarchy. We work systematically through the system by targeting skills such as jaw, lip, and tongue control. We use functional words within communication-based activities.

This is a holistic approach which address all domains (physical-sensory, social-emotional, cognitive-linguistic). PROMPT is an effective treatment for improving various speech/communication disorders such as apraxia and articulation disorder.  

Information regarding PROMPT therapy can be retrieved from The Prompt Institute.